Bunker Survey Main services
Bunker Remaining Onboard
Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS)
On/Off Hire survey of Vessel (Hull condition, Cargo hold, Statutory Certificates & BROB)
Sludge Survey Liquid Cargo Survey (Crude Oil / Oil Products Quantity & Sampling)

Main Service Process
◆ Remaining on Board (ROB) Survey
The appointed Surveyor will therefore physically measure and take temperatures of all fuel tanks on board and ensure the tank reference heights are correct by comparing them with the calibration tables. The Surveyor will also compare the measured quantities with the declared logbook and arrival (FWE) figures from the vessel. ROB Certificate with all quantities will be issued.

◆ Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS)
The appointed surveyor will therefore physically measure the bunker barge and receiving vessel before and after delivery, calculate quantity delivered, and detailed bunker survey in reports. We can also take samples according client’s requirements and send them to external laboratories appointed by client to ascertain the quality of the fuel.

◆ On/Off hire survey
To minimize the dispute between the shipowner and the charterer, the appointed surveyors will carry out an on-hire survey on delivery and to carry out an off-hire survey on redelivery independently. The surveyors will sound the tanks, calculate and certify the fuel that is on board. In addition to bunkers on delivery and redelivery surveyors could also be appointed to survey the condition of the ship on delivery and redelivery.

◆ Sludge Survey
The appointed Surveyor will therefore physically measure all sludge related tanks before and after discharge and the bunker tanker or truck before and after receiving the sludge. The Surveyor will also record the fuel consumption data in combination with the amount of sludge produced on board since the last sludge disposal, so percentage of sludge against fuel consumed can be calculated and mentioned in the final report.

◆ Liquid Cargo Survey (Crude Oil / Oil Products Quantity & Sampling)
When the tanker arrives at a port of destination, the surveyor measures quantity and takes samples of the cargo, calculates quantity of used or remaining bunker, calculates VEF, and also checks and/or confirms ROB at time of sailing from origin loading port, ballast tanks condition, pumping system, COW (crude oil wash) etc.